Rev. Jennifer Fay,  Psychic Medium


Jennifer has studied Mediumship and the psychic arts in places like Lily Dale, NY and the Arthur Findlay College near London, UK; as well as with her home Spiritualist Church.  She is a state licensed Massage Therapist in New Hampshire, USA, and a veteran of the Army, where she served as a Russian Linguist.



Spiritual Readings:

by means of mediumship, psychic information, and or tools such as cards

$50 per reading (plan 30-60 minutes, times vary)

Contact for group rates via the Contact page.

Spiritual Healing:

through use of energy and prayer

$20 (plan 15-20 minutes, times vary)


through hands-on body work

$75 (plan on an hour, limited availability)


Readings are always deeply personal, and are a form of healing: whether it's a psychic, mediumship, or tarot reading.  They are not intended to be "fortune telling" or a form of entertainment, but rather they help to illuminate the facets of the reader's life that may be overlooked, or may require guidance.

Jennifer Fay

An ordained Minister in a Spiritualist Church, and Licensed Massage Therapist, Jennifer seeks to share her gifts to help bring healing to the world.  Always compassionate, caring, and confidential.