Working with a medium exposes the most vulnerable part of ourselves.  We expose our pain, our hopes and our fears.

  • Psychic/Mediumship
  • Energy Healing
  • Massage Healing


Readings / Healing


Working with a church and community organizations brings healing into the community.

A new way of healing old hurts...

Sometimes it takes looking back to move forward.

Our Loved ones are never far away...

How much of who we are is determined by the relationships we have had throughout our lives?  With parents?  With siblings?  With teachers?  With friends?  They are still with us, always, and still take an interest in our lives, and our accomplishments.  It's never too late to ask for forgiveness, or to grant it.  It's never to late to say you're sorry, or ask for guidance.  And it's not wrong to wonder if your loved ones are ok.


Rev. Jennifer Fay,  Psychic Medium

Trust is very important in the healing process.  All information brought up during a reading should be kept strictly confidential.